Show TitleNeil Simon's PLAZA SUITE
Show TypePlay Revival
TheatreHudson Theatre, 141 West 44th Street
StoryTwo-time Tony Award winner Matthew Broderick and two-time Emmy Award winner Sarah Jessica Parker return to Broadway in the classic Neil Simon comedy Plaza Suite. Directed by Tony Award winner John Benjamin Hickey, this uproarious and piercing look at love and marriage is coming to The Hudson Theatre for 17 weeks only.

Two world-class actors play three hilarious couples in a Broadway classic from a legendary playwright and Pulitzer Prize winner. Broadway Previews Begin March 19, 2021.


A middle-aged couple whose marriage is being held together by a wife who refuses to accept her husband's affair with his secretary because she "expects more from him... If you're gonna fool around, at least have the decency to go outside of the office"! It's their 25th Anniversary and this night at The Plaza Hotel will be one shaky Celebration!

Jesse Kiplinger, a "famous Hollywood Producer" known more for his Affairs than his Films, arranges a "re-union" with his High School Sweetheart. Star-Struck Muriel travels across the George Washington Bridge from New Jersey, to catch-up with her NOW FAMOUS school-mate, for a reluctant affair. This outrageous rendezvous turns into one bad decision for this Housewife on a schedule that does not permit enough time to be seduced... "Jesse, just one more Vodka Stinger and then I simply must go... I have a 4:30 hairdressers appointment... "Jesse... do you know Liza Minnelli...?" Anything to get out of THE PLAZA HOTEL and retain her faithful status as a Happily Married New Jerseyite!

A nervous Bride has locked herself in the bathroom on her Wedding Day.
Her Mother is FRANTIC...
Her Father is HYSTERICAL...
And nothing will get her out of the Bathroom in this PLAZA SUITE. Not a blowtorch or a Father who fights pigeons on the ledge of the window, trying to get into the Bathroom to reason with his daughter. It's one panic-stricken, wild afternoon when "Mimsy" won't get off the toilet and get married!
Running Time2 hours
ScheduleTuesday at 7:00pm
Wednesday at 2:00pm and 8:00pm
Thursday at 7:00pm
Friday at 8:00pm
Saturday at 2:00pm and 8:00pm
Sunday at 3:00pm
Group Price Range$49.00 - $159.50
Group Minimum10 or more in group

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