Match-Tix has one of the strongest associations with educators from all over the country and in some European Countries as well.

We have recently enhanced all of our educational opportunities in a program called MATCH-TIX "U".

Since not many of the existing Educational Workshop programs which Broadway offers are suitable for every school's needs; we have a division that will personally work with each teacher or faculty member to help you plan your field study activity. In addition we work with other educational offices that specialize in Seminars, Workshops and Masterclasses with various Broadway, Film and Television actors. Go behind the scenes with professionals currently working in the theatre; actors, dancers, singers, costume designers, lighting and sound designers, directors, producers, casting agents and theatrical marketers. Specialized mini-master classes are arranged for your specific needs or study plans of the arts.

We provide private studios conveniently located in the heart of the Theatre District that can accommodate groups and classes from 30 to 100 at a time. From the very basic to the intensive interactive programs, we will guide you and advise you of the program that may be the perfect match for you.

Broadway Shows can always offer standard Meet and Greets with cast members as well as informal post-performance Talk-Backs, but if your particular school requires a more advanced session, we can coordinate that for you.

Workshops for Broadway shows presently are streamlined to be inclusive of most grade levels from the 6th grade through High School.

Many schools cannot participate in these workshops due to the generic nature of these programs. Match-Tix has solutions for your specific study needs.

And of course, there is the just-for-the-fun of it Meet The Star Program!

If you would like more information on our special educational services to enhance the Broadway theatrical experience for your school or special courses, please call us at 212-354-2220. We can also make an appointment to meet with you as well as invite you to sample some of the on location programs currently being presented.


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